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American & Romanian

Spanish residency and work permit


Education Elementary & Secondary:

Initiated grammar school /1st. grade to 5th. grade in  Secusigiu, Arad, Romania.

Continued 6th. grade to mid. 8th. grade at school no. 21, Craiova, Graduated from Grammar 

school at Burbank,  Chicago, Il. U.S.A., Steinmetz High-School, June, 1972, Chicago, Il., U.S.A.


Higher Education:


Bachelor of Arts in the Teaching of Spanish.

University of Illinois, Chicago, Circle, USA (a 4 year career), 1976

Certificate of Proficiency in the Teaching of English as a second language.

Official School of Languages, Barcelona, Spain, 1983

Degree(Licenciado/Master) in Spanish Philology,Language and Literature.

University of Barcelona, Spain, 1985 (a 5 year career)

Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching.

University of Barcelona, Spain, 1985

Ph.D. (Doctorand) in Spanish Literature: 23  credit of Ph.D.

University of Barcelona, Spain, 1998

Certificate of Proficiency: Els clássics avui, encara; Grécia i Roma.

Univ. of Barcelona, Spain, 1998

Certificate of Proficiency: Discurs, comunicació I implicacions didáctiques.

Univ. of Barcelona, Spain, 1998

Certificate of Proficiency: La crisis española de fin de siglo y la 

Generación del 98.

Univ. of Barcelona, Spain, 1998.


Presently continuing preparation for presentation of Ph.D. Thesis with the title of:



(The Memorialistc Works of Camilo José Cela)


And for fun: 2nd. Year of folkloric Romanian music at the School of Art of Bucharest, 2007.


Objective: 1) Teacher of Spanish language or/and literature at Secondary Schools or University level.

2) Teacher of English as a second language, at any level.

3) Legal simultaneous interpreter of english -spanish - romanian.

4) Legal translator of documents.

5) Director of studies of a language department.

6) Public Relations and Communication



-Student-teaching at Notre Dame High School, Chicago.

-Teacher of english an beginning french at New-Lingua, Hospitalet, Spain.

-Private classes of english to children, teen-agers, adults.

-Translations of various books, articles and documentary films

-Secretary in charge of foreign department at Voz de España, doubing company, in Barcelona, Spain, 5 months.

-Director of studies and teacher of english at St. Helen´s School of English,

-during 6 years, Barcelona, Spain.

-Director an organizer of English summer Camps, at Can Putxet and Mas Sans, 

-Sant Celoni, Spain, during 12 years.

-Interpretor and translator of english / spanish/ romanian for Phare Project of 

of E.C. in Romania , a program called Continuation of Assistence to the 

Institute of Magistrates and Teaching Training for Clerks, Bucharest, during 

the year of 2002. Romania.

-Published various articles/newspapers

-Founder of Casa-Rumana association, Barcelona

-Published a book: "Manantial de Agua Viva", january, 2003. Romania

-Translated the Documentary film: George Enescu, directed by Grid Modorcea

-Member of IWA International Women Association of Bucharest

-Editor of IWA Newsletter/2007-2008

-Member of Hispanic Women group of Bucharest


Now: -Freelance translator, interpreter, writer and international reporter for the Romanian society from abroad.


Hobbies: Reading, writing, singing, cooking, travelling, music and concerts, painting, discovering people and places.


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